Are you sick and tired of failing at offline consulting? Do you want to find a paying client today?

FACT: If You Don't Have At Least 10 Business Owners Replying To Your Emails or CALLING You EVERY SINGLE DAY Then You Are Not Really In Business.

You Are About To Gain Access To The Industry Secrets That Have Made Me Over A Quarter MILLION Dollars In 2015 Selling Web Services To Contractors And Home Improvement Companies!

"I have been averaging well over $20k a month (lots of proof below), sometimes much more, by selling lead generation and websites to brick and mortar business owners. I have a system in place that I want to teach you. In fact I want you to become a real part of my world. A world where we can share ideas, JV, and above all, become prosperous."

My name is William Delphini. I am a co-founder of Bulk Consulting. When you become a member I am going to teach you how to reach your market using bulk resources that are not only legal but proven effective by myself and many others "in the know".

The fact that you are on this page tells me you are tired of buying crap resources that don't work. WSO's, info-products and outright scams are rampant and make me sick.

There are real business opportunities out there that can make you rich, but the problem is, no one wants to share them. What you get, are "products" not actionable and useful information.

Product creators don't give a rats ass about how you actually DO with their so called systems, they just want your money because they have a dirty secret that is practically running down their legs... their ONLY income is selling "products". There are exceptions thank God but they are few and far between. Bulk Consulting is one of those exceptions.

When you join Bulk Consulting you are part of a membership, and as such you are a valued member and business associate. An insider who has access to the real information the product gurus either won't share or don't know themselves.

I'm talking about bulk email. Do it right and it will set you free. It will make you truly rich.

This is not your "nice" autoresponder list building WSO here. Hell no. Bulk Consulting is all about getting your message in front of business owners - IN BULK - while letting the law of large numbers make you bucket loads of cold hard cash...

But mostly, Bulk Consulting is about HELPING business owners be more successful. We don't sell junk. Ever. Every service we sell is of the highest quality and truly beneficial to the end consumer - our clients.

That said, if bulk emailing (the legal kind) makes you cry then this is not for you. This is a membership for those who want to finally learn the secrets for making real money online.

THERE ARE EXPENSES. You will need to be able and willing to pay us $97/month (for expert training) and you will need approximately $75 to $100 for other expenses when you first get started. If that is a problem then this is not for you.

We are going to cover legal bulk email using resources that will not get you blacklisted, yet will get your message delivered to the right people, consistently, so that you will have a never ending supply of real business owners asking you to sell them the product.

But it's not only about bulk email... I am also going to teach you the correct way to market on Facebook (because I do it myself and I'm going to teach you everything I do profitably), so you are not wasting your precious advertising dollars on lookiloos and those unsuitable to the offer. This insider information alone will be worth the price of admission.

But mostly, I am going to teach you the correct way to present your offers so that you actually start making money your first week, not "sometime down the road". It is important to me that you become an actual EARNER. In fact I may kick you out of the program if I see you are not taking action.

It is my sincere intention that I only have ACTIVE members in Bulk Consultants so that we may learn from each other and potentially form mutually profitable JV's down the line.

I am pricing this membership at $97.00 for now but will increase the monthly rate to $297/month in short order. By allowing you to lock in your rate at this insanely low rate I fully expect you to be successful and give me an honest testimonial after your first month of "active duty".

If you are not making money, good money, by the end of your first month, then I want you to quit. This program is not for tire kickers and habitual WSO buyers. It is meant exclusively for Go-Getters with brass balls. Bulk Consultants is for winners...

That said, there are no refunds. You will getting some powerful money making tools, website templates and proven strategies with your membership. I have no desire to deal with refund junkies and people who have no business even owning a credit card. So please do us both a favor and read the sales page carefully and make an informed decision.

As A Member of Bulk Consulting You Will Soon Be Enjoying:

  • Proprietary LEGAL bulk client getting systems, including email and little known Facebook ads secrets.
  • The power to attract business owners to you - at will. And have them pay you immediately.
  • A long term residual income that will transform your life from drudgery (job) to complete financial freedom.
  • The ability to UPSELL your clients on high ticket services that can realistically make you a six figure income earner within your first 6 months.
  • The well guarded systems to easily collect relevant emails and deliver your sales message to business owners every day.
  • Collecting payments each and every day from new clients using our proven systems.
  • A proven system where you will never have to worry about money again.

Let's Look At Some Recent Sales...

This is just THREE (3) days worth of sales. During the 2015 Thanksgiving Holidays no less!

Emmett emailed me back almost immediately and asked to be called. SALE!

Courtney called me, requested a demo, I told her it was discounted until TOMORROW, she haggled me down even more (it happens), then requested an INVOICE! Later she ordered PPC Management... SALE!

Brent just said let's do it after I told him about the one day discount... He later bought 2 more landing pages, a video spokesperson, a Facebook Ad Co-op, AND PPC Management... SALE, SALE, SALE!!!

That's $2521.00 In Sales From The Day Before Thanksgiving To Black Friday!


Here Are Two Of Them (I'll show you the secret to selling them for $997 FAST... ALL BY USING LEGAL BULK EMAIL!)...

This is our biggest money maker. You will get it!

This is our 2nd biggest money maker. You will get it!


Oh But There's More... MUCH More...

What It Boils Down To Is This...

This is one of my Wells Fargo Business Accounts I use for this business. The figures do not represent my entire earnings as I routinely withdraw for my investments.

And Guess What? I'm Going To Give You The EXACT Video That Makes Business Owners Call Me In Droves...


You need to listen to this because soon you will be getting calls like this every day. Can you handle it? PRESS PLAY:


And... You're Going To Get Boatloads Of Emails Like The Many Screenshots Below. These Emails Will Be YOUR Golden Ticket For Years To Come!



Want The SECRET Right NOW???

It's all about offering REAL VALUE to your list. And it's all about actually helping your clients get more customers and become more prosperous. There is no bullshit gimmicks here. We do this for real.

When most wannabe offline consultants send out an offer they mistakenly want to make the sale immediately... OR they try to giveaway a worthless PLR report or some such crap you can get at certain forums...

If you really want to grow a lucrative offline consulting business, then you need to offer something most others don't. Something much better. Something they will take notice of and will reply to. Or call you about.

You know what I give my list free of charge? Marketing Intelligence of their competitors. For free so they know my stuff has real value. I show them the exact landing pages and Adwords ads that are making their competitors shit-tons of sales. I ask them why aren't they doing that???


But I do much more than that...

Another one of my secret weapons (besides the website templates and lead gen video you will get) is directory sites.

Hold on, I know what you're thinking. You tried to sell or even give away directory listings and it failed miserably, right?

Well that was my experience too... at first.

But when I stopped calling them "directory sites" and offered something else all together (even though it was based on a directory site) they responded favorably.

In fact I don't even mention "directory sites" at all to them. Ever.

I email them and say this: "would you like to be involved with a marketing co-op with (well known local company) and also (well known local company) ..." It's going to be cheaper than anything we had ever done before but will get your business in front of every home owner in (your town)... EVERY SINGLE DAY"

I continue...

"And it won't cost you a dime..." (it will but later, if they upgrade, which they will)

Do you think I get a response? Yep.

Check It Out...

(Listen, I don't want you to think this is all about directory sites. Directory sites are just one tool of MANY we will utilize. It's about offering VALUE and the "Advertising Co-op" method just so happens to work very well. You will advertise the home page of a directory, similar to this one, for your ADVERTISING CO-OP. Your clients will absolutely love the concept and you will be pleased at how easy it all is)

This is the home page. It will have the paid co-op members listed prominently

Your Clients AND Visitors Will Be Amazed At Your Content!

More Full Content At The Push Of A Button! Your Clients Will See A FULL Site, Full Of Possibilities!

And manual paid listings... those who join your advertising co-op! And they can sign up and set up their own listings, complete with video (a great upsell - see below), images, coupons, map, and mobile optimized with click to call to boot!

You see, it's all about value. You absolutely must offer your list powerful services they can take advantage of now, for no cost, before they will ever even begin to trust you. But don't worry, they will insist on paying you when they start getting the big picture...

I pay my VA $50 to set up these money machines for different cities and I get my foot in while I collect a nice residual income for the easy to set up co-op. I set the first one up myself and it took about 2 hours maybe. Not exactly push button, I know, but it is well worth it, and you will get a never ending positive response that will make you wealthy if you stick to it.

Here is what I propose. I am going to give you the template that you can set up in 5 minutes, but it does take some time to customize. Set up the first one yourself, because you have to know how to explain things to your VA. Turn it into a money maker, then set your VA loose nationwide.

What kind of co-op you ask? You will find out when you join and no, it's not an expensive direct mail co-op (however it can be later, we will get to that). Much cheaper and very quick and easy to set up. I will tell you however that all you have to do is attract just NINE paid members for the front page and make between $1123 and $1823 per month, depending on your market.

That's profit, payable to you before you set up the actual co-op. And that's for just 9 paid members. Imagine 21 (my recommended max) on the front page...

Now you can cross sell other services while you collect your money month after month. And don't forget, you can duplicate in any city you want, and it does not have to be large cities. Towns of 20,000 to 50,000 are perfect! The opportunities are virtually limitless!

Warning: This Membership Is NOT For Everyone!

First you should be prepared to invest in your business. You can get started for no money invested but it would be much more difficult and I do not recommend it.

So if you do not have at least $75 to $100 to invest, beyond your $97/month membership fee, then I would recommend you do NOT join.

It is not my intention to sign up the masses. Rather I would like to see dedicated business oriented members who know they will have to spend a little money and take action to see results.

If that is not you, don't join. You are getting the exact blueprint I myself followed to really make this business profitable for myself and family, and I would love nothing more than seeing you do better!

The system you are about to buy will transform your life. It will be daunting to say the least, and unless you have the fortitude to follow through with what is about to happen… then you will fail.

You must be able and willing to TALK ON THE PHONE with business owners or marketing directors of small businesses and large corporations alike. I am not talking about cold calling anyone. And I am not talking about calling someone just because you sent them an email. That is still cold calling in my book.

What I am talking about is RETURNING phone calls from red hot prospects who have requested a call from you via email or voicemail. I use voicemail to screen calls because I get so many but when you are just getting started I recommend you answer your phone live and get some paying clients ASAP.

Momentum is built by money and vice versa. You need to make real money in a short period of time or you will give up. That is basic human nature in this business. I hate to say this but the odds are that if you are not making money by your second week you never will.

But if you do break through that “Barrier” then you will literally become wealthy. More prosperous than you ever thought possible. It is an irrefutable fact.

The methods I am about to reveal to you are very effective. Most of my business associates who first implement them are totally unprepared for the unprecedented response. They see their inbox literally full of replies and their phone rings off the hook.

Sometimes they “freeze” and simply do nothing, then call me in a panic wanting ME to follow up for them! Sorry, I have my own business, and no time to babysit someone who is afraid to talk on the phone and conduct real business.

So ask yourself: Are you willing to follow through? Are you willing to return calls… EVEN WHEN YOU FEEL TOTALLY UNPREPARED?

You see, you will feel unprepared at first. There is no way around that. There is no magic script I can give you to make things easy. You are going to have to muster up the courage, answer that phone, and call those who request calls.

Or you will fail.

Can You Pick Up The Phone?

Do You Want To Sell Websites Every Day For $997?

All you have to do is offer them for $2997 and "discount" them for $2000 off for a limited time. But... you got to do it delicately... or the deal will blow up in your face.

Or, you can offer them a "free" website for just $9/month hosting and upsell them later. You can have multiple paying clients every day doing that, and upsells every week! It is literally failproof.

I'm going to teach you both methods in month one.

And/Or you can sell them lead generation using a killer video that will have them calling you non-stop practically begging you to help them. YES - you will get that video!

You can parlay your business into a lucrative Adwords management business as well. I now use this business model instead of pay-per-call, but that is totally optional and you can run your business the way you want.

But the monetary potential for PPC management is beyond what I first envisioned. So lucrative, in fact, that I have decided to include PPC training as part of your membership. That includes Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.

I am more than qualified to teach you PPC. Not only do I have extensive experience using PPC to get clients, but I also blow the minds of my clients when I can get them customers and clients, practically on demand.

PPC training does not start until month 2 but by then you will have clients to sell it to...

Or you can outsource it to a good company I will recommend...

The point is, you WILL be in business if you make it to month 2... Take action and you absolutely cannot fail.

But Don't Feel Overwhelmed!

Listen, I plan to make Bulk Consulting MASSIVE with all the best and proven offline consulting methods that I myself use in the real world. I make damn good money doing this and I want to teach you the correct way so you don't have to experience all the pitfalls I did when I first got started.

But let me tell you something. The business model I am going to teach you was not the first one I tried myself. It was a process of trial and error and good old fashioned evolution. You plan on going one direction then reality steers you in another. That sort of thing...

This absolutely has to be an ongoing membership if you are serious about making a real living at offline consulting.

Sure, I could split all the information you're going to get into separate WSOs, or info-products, but I feel creating a private "community" where we get to know each other, and confide in confidence, is the best atmosphere for advancement.

And earning. It's all about earning! I don't give a rat's ass about theory. I want and will accept nothing less than practical, measurable results for all members.

I am starting you out selling the "old stand-by" websites because, well, it's the easiest way to make money in this field. You could do nothing else, ever, and make a respectable 6 figure income selling websites.

Some sales are "cookie-cutter" where all you so is upload the templates I will give you. Others however will require a little more work on your part. It is not uncommon for a prospect to reply to one of your emails, for example, and ask if you can totally revamp their current website.

And not just "mom and pops" either. I have been hired to do work for nationwide companies more than a few times. One involved extensive video ads and marketing, that I had no clue how to do (at first), for a major window blinds company. Another was for lead generation for a nationwide hardwood flooring company. Like I said, in the real world things tend to "evolve" and you never know what you may be doing from one day to the next.

Can you say outsource? Remember, you're the Business Owner. It would be a dereliction of duty to do the grunt work yourself. You are in charge of administration and sales (sales can also be outsourced however, but probably not at first). Your time is best served by communicating with prospects and clients and making non-stop sales. The sales stop, your business stops, so don't think for a minute I am going to teach you web design. You don't know it, outsource it. You simply will not have the time for grunt work.

But... let's slow down a little. Unless I coach you in a step by step manner you may feel overwhelmed by it all. Believe me there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. I got you covered.

So here is the game plan...

In Month One...

  • You will receive the blueprint to easily setting up a legal bulk email system. I will help you if needed because this is the foundation to success.
  • I will show you the exact tools I use to find emails. I have free and paid options for this. Paid is best but taking action is paramount.
  • You will be given the exact website templates that will impress your prospects. You will simply upload them to your server to use as demo websites to send to leads. You will have instant access to these money makers!
  • You will be given the exact email templates I use to get prospects to both call and reply to my emails. They do both, but ultimately most will want to talk to you on the phone. Never forget that.
  • You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can get support, ask questions, compare notes, form JVs, or just chat about business in general with me and other members.
  • The plan I have laid out for you carefully will enable you to start earning a real income before the end of your first month. Your only chance for failure is inaction. Remember that!
  • And finally, you're going to get all the templates you need to start making sales fast. This includes FOUR premium websites, FOUR video commercials, and the POWERFUL directory site.

In Month Two and Beyond...

  • In the subsequent months you will learn more advanced client getting strategies such as lead generation and PPC management. You will learn how to upsell your existing clients on these higher end services.
  • We will go into advanced PPC methods and will have new promotional videos to help explain and sell your services to your clients.
  • You will be able to form JVs with me and other members via the private Facebook group in case you decide to outsource services to others.
  • You will learn how and where to hire sales professionals who will work on commission to help close deals for you.
  • You will learn the real secrets to using Facebook ads to find business owners. Not only will you now have more clients, but many of them will want to use Facebook for their own business! We are going to milk this for all it's worth by selling Facebook Consulting! Much more revenue you are really going to like!
  • And much much more! As always you will have unlimited support via the private Facebook Group. For just $37/Month that is an amazing deal and won't last long. Soon the price will rise to $97/Month so lock in your low monthly rate now before it is too late!

Real Value Bonus Material!

I wasn't going to introduce the "digital arbitrage" section until month 3 but decided at the last minute to include it in month 1 because it is just too profitable for you not to take advantage of quickly.

And... it works hand-in-hand with the Advertising Co-op Directory Site mentioned above.

Here's the thing. The business model we utilize every day, and the one we are going to train you on, requires that we reach out to a large number of business owners on a daily basis.

Therefore it behooves us to offer more than our base services (websites/lead gen). And, at the same time, be able to make more sales for additional income and future upsell opportunities.

Fiverr alone has so many opportunities now that it is incredibly easy to offer video commercials to our list and make sales almost every single time we reach out.

Or logos.

Or content creation.

Or lots of other stuff business owners are interested in.

Below are two sales we made recently from one mailing:


SAME Email Campaign - $489 For A TWO MINUTE Video And Simple Landing Page! YES - Fiverr!


What's great about this is every time you mail out to a list you can be confident you will make at least one or two sales. Sometimes more.

I'm sure you have heard of digital arbitrage but as a member of Bulk Consulting you will have an enormous advantage over most others - You will be able to find buyers with literally a click of the mouse using the bulk resources you will soon implement.

With other systems you have to scour Craigslist or hope to attract business owners with free ads. Yeah... good luck with that. We have a much better (and faster) way...

Even if you decided to do digital arbitrage and nothing else, you'd be able to make a nice full time income.

And to top it off we are going to give you the exact same demo videos we use ourselves to make these extra sales!

For this example we spent between $50 and $60 for each video, for a combined profit of $673 in just one day. The one with the added PPC landing page we just used a video landing page template we already owned as an upsell.

Here Are The 4 Videos Demos You Will Send To Make Sale After Sale After Sale... TAKE NOTE: These Are REAL Company Videos You Will Be Showing!

The American Spokeswoman

The Animated Commercial With Voiceover

The British Spokeswoman

The Animated Minions Commercial (Many Love This One!)

You will just send links to these videos (you will own) to your list, in a short email, and simply ask if they want one. That's it.


Time after time after time... Plus they are great little foot in door lead-ins!

The Bottom Line is the Bulk Consulting Membership will supply you with every tool, resource, and step-by-step methodology to get out there, make those sales, and finally earn what you are worth.

Join Bulk Consulting Today And Lock In Your Rate At Just $97/Month

As you can see Bulk Consulting is more than just one "system" or method of making money in the offline consulting world.

It is intended to secure you a life changing income by the end of month one. Then it is intended to make you wealthy by month six. It will evolve, I am sure, but the core intention of teaching you to make actual sales - FAST - will never deviate.

There are proven systems that only few are privy to. You will soon know them.

There are secret methods that will bring you a never ending supply of phone calls and emails to your inbox. You will soon implement them.

There is unlimited wealth in this world. Soon you will partake of it. That is my mission with Bulk Consulting Membership.

I invite you to join us...

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